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The OIE documentary database includes all the resolutions and recommendations issued by the OIE since its creation and the main reports, articles, conference proceedings and other documents recording the activities of the OIE.

It is regularly updated with indexed documents resulting from the OIE’s recent activities and publications and is gradually being added to with the documents resulting from the digitisation procedure. It currently contains 6,000 references, and in a great many cases the full text can be consulted.

With over 2,600,000 searches per year, this database is one of the most frequently consulted tools on the OIE website.



  2016 Publications Catalogue
The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is honoured to present you with its online 2016 Publications Catalogue, which provides access to all titles available for purchase or consultation in English, French and Spanish.

The OIE calls upon its vast global network of expertise to publish works of the highest scientific quality.

OIE publications cover the full spectrum of animal health and welfare throughout the world from its international standards and periodicals to important topical issues and OIE world conference proceedings. They constitute valuable documentation to the international scientific community and serve veterinary medicine and veterinary public health progress worldwide.

We invite you to take advantage of online discounts by making your purchases directly via the e-bookshop. It is also possible to use the order form located at the end of this catalogue or through our distributors (see page 101).

We wish to deeply thank the editors, authors and reviewers for their contributions to OIE publications.

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